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About Us

Building Villages, Inc believes that children learn better from other children than they do from adults.  We also believe that younger children look up to older children as role models.  This program uses a mentor style interaction between a high standing high school student from the same community and school system as a middle school student who is demonstrating unwanted behaviors.  These students are typically identified by their school system and referred to Building Villages, Inc for participation.

Building Villages, Inc

"Better Together"

Community outreach and Awareness against bullying
Community Outreach against bullying


To teach children how they can express themselves positively, to support children as they experience challenging emotions and interactions, and to help children struggling with their environments to learn their value in society so they can choose positive behaviors.

Community Support against Bullying

Our mission is to build the villages children need to navigate childhood emotions and interactions using

research and experience. 

Community support against Bullying
Community support against Bullying
Community support  and awareness against Bullying

Building Villages is a team of people who believe every child wants to be recognized for their goodness. We help children feel confident enough to recognize and express their greatness

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